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] Gray F. Unfortunately, this draws the attention of Lisanna, who, feeling threatened by Lucy, hires thugs to beat Lucy Join my discord server for more content- Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers You could find many answers saying LUCY but you should consider the fact that NATSU and LISSANA actually had a romantic relationship when they were kids. "May peace and good luck bless you. " Naruto walked over to where Lucy was, never minding his nudity or the reaction of the class. What's the Real Relationship of Natsu and Lucy in Fairy Tail? Natsu and Lucy, the main protagonists of Fairy Tail, have yet to bring good news to shippers of the pair. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. (Etherious Natsu Dragneel) effectively becoming one of his many, many demons (along with Deliora, Kyouka, Mard G Natsu and Lucy because Natsu and Lisanna are like brother and sister. In the anime and manga, Natsu doesn't like Lucy that way, but he like Lisanna Both Lisanna and Lucy did not want for this opportunity to pass. Lucy vs. Here instead of Lucy meeting Natsu and Happy in Hargeon, the story begins with Levy … Kagura also goes through this after Reedus shows her a drawing of an older, As such, Elfman and Lisanna join Fairy Tail years earlier than canon, and . Публикуйте их только через форму добавления мероприятий Feb 11, 2015 Pick and Choose! It had been a few months since Lisanna had returned. I sat at the bar, sighing and drinking orange juice. . Pick and Choose! It had been a few months since Lisanna had returned. He saw Lisanna putting on her uniform. I heard  Nov 18, 2013 A twist to a overused cliché, stories about NaLu not happening because Natsu choose Lisanna over Lucy, because he kicked Lucy out of Team  Dec 6, 2013 Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Drama - [Lucy H. just. Juvia vs Lucy vs Wendy 5. Over the course of the series, Natsu learns about his connection to the immortal antagonist Zeref, including his heritage as Zeref's brother who was revived as a demon called "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" (E. Natsu enjoys his time with Lisanna, Mira, Yukino and other white haired beauties along with a few other girls. " He then reached over and removed Lucy's mark as well as placing a hand on her forehead. Sauf une chose, celui-ci vient de remarquer que Lucy est absente. - Chapters: 4 She bites her lips, pulls the blanket over her head and dared to think of  May 31, 2015 When Natsu chooses Lisanna over Lucy and Team Natsu breaks up Lucy starts to fall apart yet waiting to put all the pieces back together is a  Aug 14, 2013 today lucy is going to confess her true feelings for natsu but circumstances Lucy grabbed her usual seat in the bar and a silver haired take-over mage lisanna called out the beautiful young lady who was for some reasons  Mar 16, 2013 What does she do when the guild doesn't choose her? What will happen? Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Lisanna S. , Sting E. Lisanna and Natsu had just walked in and were now kissing at the table Levy usually sat at- that was becoming somewhat of their make-out spot. Jun 11, 2012 Natsu can't stop Lucy from leaving, and she never comes back. If he was, he would never allow her to do anything even remotely dangerous. Lisanna gasped and looked over at me with sad eyes, beginning to tear up. They care deeply for each other and will often risk their own safety to help each other. Aditya Acharya 6,194,082 views. So true-nieve Lissana, she chose to stay in Edolas instead of returning to Natsu-she missed her chance/Lucy on the other hand would always return to her Natsu--unlike lissana she wont accept anyother Natsu cause he wouldn't be her Natsu. N. Lisanna: Well, if it’s THEM, chances are things just escalated Of course, neither Lucy nor Lisanna got to smooch on Natsu by the series’ end. ). Natsu raised his egg with Lisanna and they have been together since his birth. Lucy. D. Fairy Tail left off on a cliffhanger as Natsu took his team on a fabled mission, and he did so without ever Between the Lines “The relationship Natsu and Lucy share will always confound Lisanna, regardless of time or space. Lucy Heartfilia Edit Main article: Lucy Heartfilia File:Natsu and Lucy decide to form a it makes so glad that you appreciate the warmth I'm always trying to portray in my art :) I see intimate moments as something that get people closer to each other and make them feel good and accepted rather than just an interaction without deeper meaning - and I'd wish to share that in my illustrations :) thank you! Natsu Dragneel vs. "H-How do you know?" "I'm not exactly blind. Mrs Lucy, Wait, WHAT? “Cana is sober, so she decides to tease Lucy by giving her the love fortune reading of the century. Внимание! Сообщения о предстоящих мероприятиях здесь НЕ публикуются. " "No buts, Natsu!" Lucy said through her shoulder and left Natsu. Lucy is kicked out of Team Natsu and an unknown power awakens in Lucy. This needs to be how he tells her. Lisanna loves Natsu, but she just wants him to be happy. complete, tail, natsu. Natsu vs Gray vs Gajeel ( 3 way battles are hypeee ) 3. This will be for any NaMi, NaLi, NaYu (Natsu x Yukino), Natsu x Sorano (Angel) and a few other girls. She was always looking over Fairy Tail. “You know,” Lucy began, turning towards Lisanna with a grin. Natsu fell on his knees and his face was facing the ground "Lucy…" So I had to stay with Lisanna, I didn't want my poor Lu-chan to get hurt, or the rest of the guild, lisanna had grew more power over the years. fairy tail - No other sex tube is more popular and features more Fairy Tail Erza scenes than Full Fairy tail hentai Natsu & Erza & Lucy And Gray & Juvia 1M views. He had to chuckle at the sight that greeted him. He died before the main story takes place (as seen in a flashback during the Alvarez Empire arc) which made Zeref revive him as E. Lisanna is back and the members of the guild ignores Lucy for 5 months. La mère de Lucy est encore vivante et Lisanna n Opening Dangerous Gates is a Fairy Tail / Bleach crossover by LadyD0544. get back to Lisanna!" she said then she turned back and walked out from the guild with Sting. Публикуйте их только через форму добавления мероприятий Внимание! Сообщения о предстоящих мероприятиях здесь НЕ публикуются. It was a Friday evening and Natsu and Lucy had just completed another job the day before. Natsu was all over her, but Lucy couldn't really blame him. Haha, that stupid little blond bitch told Natsu my cheating, I threatened to kill her and the guild members. Levy vs Lisanna Image porno big tit lucy. Summary: Lucy long and reverently chose the task that will bring them profit, not loss due to the destruction of Natsu, as is usually the case, but who knew what this ordinary sheet of paper would lead to? 1 article taggé Natsu x Lucy fanfiction. No this is not Lucy meeti Lisanna doesn't die. Laxus vs Gildarts 2. . Natsu loves Lucy so yeah the dare already happened. , Natsu D. Lucy’s entire body was flushed with desire, her pussy gushing waterfalls and her eyes burning with lust. Tags Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Fairytail Fairy Tail Comedy Anime Fanfic Natsuxlucy Natsu Natsu Dragneel Lucy Lucy Heartfilia Nalu Does He Love Me Ft Love It's bad enough for Natsu and Lisanna to hang out without me, but for them to go on missions together? Natsu isn’t ‘overprotective’ of Lucy. Lisanna's P. I know that you are suffering and I wish that you did not have to, but it seems I cannot do anything about it. Gorian is a fight fought between Mage of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel and a Gorian. Loading Unsubscribe from Levy - Chan? NaLu Moments 2 English Dubbed I Natsu x Lucy I - Duration: 10:02. But Natsu and Lucy are in the same team and spend a lot of time together. Lucy's Unwanted House Guest is a Fairy Tail fanfic by Black Pearl Otaku. Natsu and his Team must really be embarking on that 100-year Quest…. V. , Lucy H. In the anime it gave a lot of hints for natsu and . ” Complete. Lisanna moved her hand towards Lucy’s, her fingers interweaving with Lucy’s own. Which means he wouldn’t let her go on potentially dangerous jobs, he wouldn’t let her fight on her own, he wouldn’t bring her to figh Naruto walked over to where Lucy was, never minding his nudity or the reaction of the class. lisanna vs lucy for natsu Levy - Chan. “So we can never ever forget you"Lisanna said "She cute…” They heard Lucy’s voice but she was no where. Now Lucy is forced to spend a day married to each of her many possible future husbands. Given Natsu's man-child personality and Lucy's no-boyfriend-since-birth status, will the two ever end up with each other? #wattpad #fanfiction Lucy Heartfilia was betrayed by nearly everyone she knew except for Gray, Levy, Gageel, Erza, Mira, Wendy, Juvia and the exceeds. Happy usually mimics and agrees with Natsu's ideas and says "Aye sir!" most of the time. O. He had thought she was dead, so of course he'd want to spend time with her. Btw you do not hae to waste your tie to type Natsu and Lucy or Natsu and Lisanna. The story involves Lucy getting ostracized by Natsu for being weak, and going out on missions alone to prove herself. But Natsu's supposedly of average Fairy Tail fans ask – Should Natsu Be With Lucy Or Lisanna In Fairy Tail? Based on facts and how the story played out, here’s an answer…. ” Natsu said. The sun shone upon them, bright and brilliant, and Lisanna thought that its glow on Lucy was mesmerising. The Painful Feelings >A NaLu FanFic < Part 1 Lucy POV It was a month after Lisanna had came back from the other world called Edolas, and in just one month my happy life in Fairy Tail, came to an end. This can be range from one pair to a harem. Lucy has had many adventures with Fairytail . Lisanna is a fanon rivalry between Fairy Tail Mages, Lucy Heartfilia and Lisanna Strauss over Natsu Dragneel. Natsu appears in most Fairy Tail media, including both feature films, all original video animations , light novels, and video games. The Painful Feelings Part 1 ( A NaLu FanFic) The Painful Feelings >A NaLu FanFic < Part 1 Lucy POV It was a month after Lisanna had came back from the other world called Edolas, and in just one month my happy life in Fairy Tail, came to an end. "O-okay, well it started a week ago during our mission when I got badly hurt, and Natsu got pissed, You need to choose, and you need to choose now,because I'm done Then you can go and sleep with Lisanna and get her pregnant, too. Lisanna: What’s wrong, Mira? *pops on over to the bar* Still thinking about Natsu guys? Mira: *smiles a bit* Yeah,… It’s been a while since they last passed on by, kind of hard not to worry about them. like Lisanna and Lucy are. Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia; Natsu Dragneel/Lisanna Strauss; Lisanna Strauss; Lucy Heartfilia; Natsu Dragneel; Smile; Lisanna gives up on Natsu for his happiness; Nalu - Freeform; short snippet; brought over from fanfiction; Cute small story; natsu and lucy; Summary. "It's Natsu and Lisanna isn't it?" Makarov asked with a sigh. The matchups can be like-1. Is there any good Lucy x natsu x lisanna fanfic? What episode of Fairy Tail does Natsu cry over Lucy? Episode 29: My resolve. Elfman vs Freed 6. She was unconscious when she was sucked up into Edolas, there for everyone thought she was dead. Eren,Midoriya e Naruto God, i cant choose natsu on A but Goku on B not to mention naruto and yato. "B-but Lucy-. Nalu all the way Natsu and lucy have a strong history together . ” Boom that is totally true. You can tell they have feeling for each other by how they worry about each other and care for each other when injured. "Here we have Lisanna Strauss, take-over mage, the third of the sibling. Most of these stories will focus on Natsu with white or silver haired girls. They both knew it was her. Lucy's P. 71%. In the end I had to choose Juvia because of, simply, her passion towards Gray. ] Sting E. He, unlike Lucy or Erza, doesnt have many different forms to change into to  So is that dude over there with the pink hair, and that dude over there eating those nails. Read Jelly Lisanna from the story Baby Lucy[Nalu Fanfiction] by naluyoutuber1 (Proxy Ash) with 8,804 reads. How could she choose Stingy-Bee of all people to wed? Jun 28, 2013 Natsu says hurtful words to her, and sides with Lisanna. I mean when the war is over and everything , there should be like a battle royal b/w fairy tail members. "Stop it, Natsu!" Lucy yelled, Natsu stopped "You have Lisanna already. As Lucy opened the door of her house, she saw Natsu sitting down on the sofa reading her novel. Unable to Lucy said trying to get her point across, making Lisanna fume in hatred. After Lisanna offers to help Natsu raise the egg that he found in the East Forest, Natsu asks Lisanna how to hatch an egg. Daemon is carrying a black key that summons a random Shinigami when used and a white key Erza and Jellal - COSPLAY IS BAEEE! Tap the pin now to grab yourself some BAE Cosplay leggings and shirts! From super hero fitness leggings, super hero fitness shirts, and so much NaLu fanfiction. Lucy Heartfilia Edit Main article: Lucy Heartfilia File:Natsu and Lucy decide to form a Lisanna said as she walked behind Natsu carrying a sleeping baby. Whew! Barely made it in time but here it is. Mira vs Erza 4. you know what I love that idea. Part 1 for @gajevyevents I hope you all like it!. “Thank you Lucy, I still love you…” Natsu thought to himself. When Doranbolt overhears Zeref talking about Acnologia, he chooses to  There's a lot of members, so I'm just going to go over the main ones that I would say, even though it is a hard call, Gray is weaker than Natsu. V . All you have to do is type their ship name. Lisanna discovers something about Natsu's Lucy vs. “We named it Lucy. Evergreen vs Cana 7. Missing: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games. Legend of the Azure Dragon Slayer- Fairy Tail Fanfic Natsu and Lisanna didn 't . A seemingly routine job takes a dangerous turn when Lucy Heartfilia and her friends face a demon from the Book of Zeref called Daemon. He had  May 8, 2017 In a life and death situation, who will Natsu choose? Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Angst - [Lucy H. Hiding in the corners of her favorite library, Levy relaxes in a plush armchair with a stack of books sitting next to her. They have no chance of being together at all. , Lisanna S. Natsu POV: I woke up with th Natsu Dragneel/Lisanna Strauss; Lucy Heartfilia The woman walked over to her desk and set the file and pen down. Fanfiction written for @nalu-week Characters: Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia. I told Natsu to kick Lucy out of the team and tell her she was weak! The Painful Feelings >A NaLu FanFic < Part 1 Lucy POV It was a month after Lisanna had came back from the other world called Edolas, and in just one month my happy life in Fairy Tail, came to an end. natsu chooses lisanna over lucy fanfic

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