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From dancing plagues to meat showers, these strange mysteries will have you turning your head trying to solve them. While the focus of the picture is on Mary, something creepy hovers above her left shoulder. After months of inaction, search teams have resumed trawling the Indian Ocean for the merest scrap of evidence that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which stunned the world when it went missing back in March, had plunged into its murky depths. The heat from the star shouldn't allow for a planet to form that close. They hold such mystery and secrets that most people cannot even fathom what occurs below the roaring waves or deep in the ocean’s many black trenches. Unexplained ocean hum may be the sound Unexplained sounds from the deep oceans: Bloop, Whistle, Julia, Train, Slowdown, Upsweep There are plenty of mysterious and weird noises around the world! Discover in the following videos 6 unexplained sounds coming from the deep oceans. For most of us these enduring mysteries might unlock some secrets from our ancient ancestors. With this being said, we think you will find many facts on the different unexplained creatures that plague this world. 55am yesterday. From the alluring song of a siren and the life-saving breath of a mermaid to the destructive tentacles of a kraken, the deep blue sea is home to many mysterious creatures that appear in myths and legends throughout history. But for unexplained reasons, the Walker Circulation sometimes changes. Nov 29, 2018 An unexplained seismic event 'rang' across the Earth in November More comprehensive study of an uncharted area of the ocean floor could  May 26, 2019 Some of the incidents were videotaped, including one taken by a plane's camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean  Jan 4, 2010 For decades, the Atlantic Ocean's fabled Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with unexplained disappearances of ships,  Oct 13, 2017 Scientists have discovered a hole the size of Lake Superior, making it the biggest polynya observed in Antarctica's Weddell Sea. Its A Strange World brings paranormal news and unexplained mysteries from around the web. While easily passed off as cosmic in origins, these four examples do not have conclusive evidence to link them to meteors, comets, asteroids and the like. There are several unexplained noises that have been recorded over the years with two of the  14 Mysteries of the Ocean Scientists Still Can't Explain . Nov 23, 2018 In the annals of unexplained mysteries, the Baltic Sea Anomaly is one of the more bizarre deep-sea finds of the past decade. Ten Incredible Unexplained Mysteries - Video, Photos Unsolved ancient mysteries have captivated man for centuries. Video: Divers find large, unexplained object at bottom of Baltic Sea. Once on scene, NOAA personnel evaluated the animals and directed Coast Guard and Kaua‘i Fire Department personnel on the proper way to reintroduce the animals to the ocean. project to measure the hum began with 57 seismometers dropped over a four million square kilometer area of the Indian Ocean, and February 27, 2018 March 11, 2018 vinitjain 0 Comments giant wall, mysteries. In this extra episode we learn more about Ader's trip and the extraordinary ideas that inspired him to attempt it in the first place. The Unexplained Mystery of UFOs. For You Explore. Ocean X found the Baltic Sea Anomaly with a side-scan sonar (Image: OCEAN X) It is thought the object could be at least 140,000 years old after a university professor linked the mysterious disc to Are there any oceanic landforms that are unexplained? - Answered by a verified Tutor 1. The ocean is home to a vast ecological system and its uncharted depths hide mysteries that inspire our imaginations and haunt our dreams. This is a ghost walk where stories of hauntings and unexplained events are shared while standing outside the property. UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES. The pilots tracked the object at 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean as it flew away and simultaneously rotated on its axis. Rattle. This sound was present when the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory began recording its sound surveillance system SOSUS in August, 1991. com does not note these findings as fact, but as information taken from other sites, and videos watched to gather information about these creatures. Last month for example, two passengers on a luxury ocean liner operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises died of "unrelated natural causes" during a four-night trip from Singapore. Weird Things United States Air Force surveillance aircraft flew 25 sorties over that area of the Indian Ocean from 22 September to 29 October 1979 to carry out atmospheric sampling. For now, Lindberg is waiting for calmer waters in the Baltic, possibly in May, before taking his salvage team to the bottom for a closer look at the mysterious objects. It is the spiritual regalia that they make as a fashion statement. Marine biologists have discovered that fish from the mesopelagic zone are behind a mysterious ocean buzzing, and they're either communicating or farting. Some researchers and historians believe that the structures at Yonaguni could be the ancient remains of Mu, a fabled Pacific civilization rumored to have vanished beneath the Ocean. The first part of the call is a pulsive sound, The Megalodon Megalodon Shark Facts History Weird Interesting History History Facts Unexplained Mysteries Megaladon Shark Scary Ocean Scary Facts Megalodon mean. The source of the sound is unknown, but is sufficiently loud to be heard over the entire array. Sailors from all around the world have witnessed and experienced a variety of incredible ocean phenomena. 10 Unidentified Sounds That Scientists Are Seriously Looking Into. Discover the truth behind unexplained ancient mysteries, UFO mysteries, secret locations and paranormal events. They are also well-known for loving the water, which makes the discovery of a seal in a field nearly twenty miles from the ocean a truly unexplained mystery. Depending on which ocean and what part of the world it is in, the temperature and general characteristics of it will vary. The same holds true for the many unexplained deaths that have occurred to people throughout time. Strange and LOUD. Other examples of unexplained sounds coming from the oceans are: Julia. There are all sorts of noises that disturb us, from ringing in our ears that is generally tinnitus, someone snoring, loud music  Weird History 10 'Ghost Ships' That Mysteriously Disappeared At Sea & Were was discovered, abandoned by her crew and set adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Air Force was the primary investigator of these sightings, the FBI received many reports and worked for a time with the Air Force to investigate these matters. Unexplained is a bi-weekly podcast about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation. Nov 19, 2018 Adam Entous and Jon Lee Anderson on the unexplained brain injuries Salt and humidity from the ocean ate away at the pins holding up the  Jun 21, 2017 Huge and unexplained bloom has fishers racing to save their nets, and when pulled from the ocean, wriggle with the odd-looking creatures,  Apr 23, 2010 Unexplained Noise. An abundance of microbes lives beneath ocean sediments. The color was dark, possibly brown and red, similar to auburn brown. Rattle boom. Breuer. 4 inches to the east and 1. For decades, the Atlantic Ocean’s fabled Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with unexplained disappearances of ships, planes, and people. The Unexplained Mystery of the Sea Serpent. As we have done so, we have made some incredible discoveries. If you are a writer with a passion for these topics and other history related stories, we want to hear from you! Publish your article on Historic Mysteries by visiting our write for us page or contacting us via email. Visit us online to learn more about the mysteries which remain unsolved even today. Loss of life, destruction, unending pain and misery - the results of war never seem to make sense. (60 meters) diameter circular rock-like formation on the ocean floor, at a depth of 275 ft. a month ago. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Whether they decided to run away and start fresh somewhere new, or something more similar, is unknown. Cancel Remove Experience Something unexplained in the ocean (self. Striped Icebergs. 35 Totally Unexplained Photos I have no idea what these photos present, but it`s funny how people got there in right time at the right place and made the camera take this! These photos represent those scenes in life that we lack explanation for, but everyone may make their own creative explanation of what is going on in these photographs. The Amazonas Event. Gary not only pulled off the biggest military hack ever, he also claims to have found proof of extraterrestrial life in NASA’s files. The rake stalk people for months before killing them in the dead of night. Experts finally end two-year mystery of giant sea monster caught on camera The deepest depths of the ocean are home to all sorts of weird  Feb 5, 2016 “The Bloop” is one of the more famous underwater recordings and is thought by many to be created by some still undiscovered, deep-ocean  Apr 9, 2019 a list of some of the world's most terrifying unexplained phenomena, Ocean X, a professional wreck-location and diving company found it  Feb 9, 2012 The Bloop is one of about a half-dozen unexplained sounds that the For the last twenty years, the NOAA and its Equatorial Pacific Ocean  On December 4th 1872, the crew of the cargo ship Dei Gratia, came across a ghost ship set adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles to the east of the Azores. Oct 25, 2012 But what about things that go "bloop" in the deep sea? Poltergeists, witches and ghosts aren't the only source for spooky seasonal mystery. so every time there's an oil spill it's used to cover up an alien crash or find in the ocean The ocean is home to a vast ecological system and its uncharted depths hide mysteries that inspire our imaginations and haunt our dreams. COAST TO COAST AM. Unexplained World Mysteries, lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, strange artifacts, science mysteries, conspiracies and more… Strange Artifacts Science presents the picture of the past in which humanity started from primitive beginnings, and steadily progressed upward in the development of culture and science. Is it the landing site of a UFO, or was it perhaps ground zero for a meteor strike or An unexplained seismic event ‘rang’ across the Earth in November the mystery makes seismologist want to know much more about this area of the ocean floor and similarly uncharted undersea 5 Unexplained Images Captured By NASA. It was discovered in 1997 by multiple stations, and was traced to the Southern tip of South America. By Lucia Peters. Scientists can only speculate what caused the sound, as it appeared for a few months and was never heard again. Therefore, this site will be home to news, entertainment and media pertaining to ghosts, spirits, UFOs, ESP, conspiracy theories, horror films, and a wide variety of unexplained phenomena collected from all across the world. In fact, at least 90 percent of earth’s unicellular organisms are found there. Below is a list of the top 10. Located roughly 1000 miles from the source of the bloop sound is a region of the South Pacific known as the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility. Some of the incidents were videotaped, including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean waves as pilots question what they are watching. Unexplained Ocean Currents Why are the oceans spinning faster than the planet? Globe theorists often cite that because of gravity there is no way to sense that the atmosphere is moving around with us as though everything should remain perpendicularly static, yet if that's true why would there be very deep underwater currents moving faster than the supposed rotation of the Earth? Though the locomotives were never reported missing, it’s believed they fell victim to a powerful storm while they were being transported across the Atlantic Ocean passenger-free. Bloop is the big kahuna in unexplained sounds. Author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest work uncovering why much of what we know about World War II. Studies of wind patterns confirmed that fall-out from an explosion in the southern Indian Ocean could have been carried from there to southwestern Australia. A strange creature was found in the deep off California. 10. The Royal Navy  Dec 5, 2014 National Geographic's "Drain the Bermuda Triangle" provides some practical explanations for the ocean's most mysterious region. 5 hours. Paranormal) submitted 1 month ago by rebrebreb939 Hey guys, this happened to me a year ago and I’ve gone back and forth on what it could have possibly been for the entire time. However, some mysteries remain unexplained even to this day. A variety of mysterious ocean phenomena have been seen and experienced by sailors around the world. In 1997 (a big year for auditory ocean mysteries), an extremely powerful, ultra-low-frequency sound was detected at various listening stations A to Z of the unexplained, paranormal phenomena, discussion forum, sightings database, search engine and all the latest news on everything unexplained. I understand that most of it is extreme speculation based on a few facts, but I can't seem to find anything on whether the part about unexplained spears being found in fish in the open ocean is true. Aug 27, 2012 County fishing village on the shores of Lockwoods Folly Inlet, the occasional rumbling folds into other unexplained mysteries the ocean holds  Aug 14, 2018 Only the current cooling period remains there unexplained, without a big Global warming can only be measured by increases in ocean heat  Aug 31, 2016 Many of these sightings happen underwater or on the surface of the ocean. The Unexplained Mystery Even in this age of scientific and technical ancient civilizations and the igneous rocks making up the ocean floor are two of the more   Jul 18, 2012 wear when I happened across some strange recordings of unexplained sounds in the remote Pacific Ocean. However, please try and post those incidents that even scientists and the like find hard to disprove, rather than fakes, hoaxes and STRANGE ANOMALY DISCOVERED ON MOON IN NASA PHOTO by Alan Caviness. The acronym UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, so in the sense that these flying objects are unidentified by the viewer, UFOs are very real. Some speculate Scientists Observe Earth's Mysterious Hum on the Ocean Floor. Learn More This tour runs between the Inlet and 4th street and is approximately an hour and a half of scary stories and Ocean City’s mysterious history. Cool interesting stuff features everything odd, weird, bizzare, strange or unusual. 10 Currently Unexplained Aberrations. To This Day, No One Has Any Answers. These various unexplained mysteries of the oceanic domain thus become interesting subjects of discussion and debate. The sound was recorded on March 1, 1999 on the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array. Although quite similar to ‘skymounts’ in appearance, star shots or astral jellies are actually unexplained space globs that are often times associated with meteor showers. The source of the sound remains unknown. On February 10, 1951, Navy pilot and commander Gra…. And it is over as quickly as it began. Dating back to 3000 B. In June 1936 (or 1934 according to some accounts), Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its In that year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded a strange sound in the ocean. WATCH: Declassified UFO Videos. freshwater trapped in porous rock beneath the ocean had long been suspected, nobody  as "unexplained" are now identifiable. There are several unexplained noises that have been recorded over the years with two of the most popular being "The Bloop" and "Julia. Listverse is a place where mysteries are brought to the light to be examined, but usually never solved. (sources: Reddit, Imgur) Posted at 11:00h in Strange and Unexplained 0 Comments The storm door clacked against its frame without rhythm. Newly released video of a mysterious object streaking over the Atlantic Ocean shows the Pentagon needs to take UFOs seriously, a researcher says. Have unexplained spears been found in fish in the open ocean? I watched a show caller Mermaids: The Body Found last night on Animal Planet. The following is a list of unidentified, or formerly unidentified, sounds. In this video a man hears strange noises on the outside of his house. Unexplained. it could be just 2 sharks swimming there but. From the research R/V Knorr, they drilled core samples 92 feet into the ocean floor, dating to the time of the dinosaurs, and tested the cores with oxygen sensors. Unexplained Disappearances In all of these cases, no one knows what happened to the missing people. It was loud enough to be heard over the entire Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array, with a duration of about 15 seconds. 7 Unexplained Mysteries From History We’ll Probably Never Solve. , these strange labyrinths — 35 in total and very well-preserved — were constructed by the prehistoric residents of the island, who built villages as well as sacred sites. Unexplained OCEAN PHENOMENA (shot in The Bahamas)! I’m in the Bahamas at the moment! And as long as I’m surrounded by so much beautiful water, what say we talk about some strange phenomena that we’ve seen regarding the ocean. Aug 8, 2013 Sunglint shows textures and patterns on the surface of the ocean that that the ocean surface was covered with unsuspected and unexplained  The Unexplained · @Unexplained. World Cruise ship Death Passenger. Chickens scuttered through the dirt, clucking restlessly. The sun was shining in clear skies as A Piece of the Sun Missing? | NASA’s Unexplained Files (Full Episode) Triangle UFO sighting: New York Post reporter reveals close encounter UFO Sighting in Dania Beach, Florida on 2019-07-04 21:00:00 – 2nd video of orbs on 4th of july Cruise Ship Passenger, 20, Dies Under 'Unexplained' Circumstances, Two Others Sick Aboard Norwegian Getaway. Underwater volcanoes erupt—the largest one ever recently happened, and scientists almost missed it. However, countless UFO sightings can be later identified as dust on the camera lens, airplanes, helicopters, weather balloons, comets, Thanks for A to A Some unexplained Ocean Mysteries The ocean floor Damsea/Shutterstock Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is below the ocean, yet 95 percent of it remains unexplored to the human eye. The pair, aged 61 and In 1947, a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America. No one at the Pentagon is saying that the objects are extraterrestrial, but the Navy has issued new classified guidance for reporting unexplained aerial phenomena. In 1997 (a big year for auditory ocean mysteries), an extremely powerful, ultra-low-frequency sound was detected at various listening stations thousands of miles apart and traced to somewhere west of the southern tip of South America. It is crucial to diagnose the unexplained skin rash to ascertain the causes for its proper treatment. Unexplained audio and unidentified sounds are now most welcome to be submitted as well as video of mysterious people, ufo and paranormal events or footage of unknown/unidentified suspects in crime cases too. The London hammer – a tool older than history. Search by Ocean Infinity, Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal, 113 replies Free Avengers Infinity Warcraft & Avengers Infinity War Collectors Pin- JCPenney 4/28 11am-12pm, Deals, Coupons, Free Stuff, 0 replies Floating Wing did belong to MH370 - It crashed into the ocean. #gatewood-ocean-wave-and-mackeral-fish-head-accent-mirror-by-rosecliff-heights #Wall-Mirrors Coastal themed decorative mirror by designer Police probe 'unexplained death' of pensioner in Erskine The death of a pensioner in Erskine is being treated as unexplained. It was a beautiful morning in Amazonas, Brazil, on August 19th, 1930. The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which ships, planes, and people are alleged to have mysteriously vanished. They creeped me out basically. It consists of a long train of narrow-band upsweeping sounds of several seconds in duration each. ” Slow Down” is a sound recorded on May 19, 1997, in the Equatorial Pacific ocean by the U. Upsweep. Unexplained circumstances 13 Spooky & Unexplained Disappearances. Ocean X found the Baltic Sea Anomaly with a side-scan sonar (Image: OCEAN X) It is thought the object could be at least 140,000 years old after a university professor linked the mysterious disc to Categories Unexplained Mysteries Tags Advanced Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient History, Ancient Stories, Atlantis, Human History, Incredible Discoveries, Michael T. So, from an enormous deep sea shark, to a mysterious alien like 10 Unexplained Creatures Caught On Tape. Furniture would move around, seemingly without the aid of human hands; knocking sounds were heard, Whether it’s the story of the Salish Sea feet – severed feet that wash up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington, the ghost ship known as the S. Hear a retired Navy Commander’s official testimony about that time he witnessed a craft coming out of the ocean and flying alongside his plane. What they discover at this mysterious blue hole could lead them to an even deadlier creature. Thanks to the advance of science, though, many sounds once categorized as "unexplained" are now identifiable. Boom. The lines you have pointed out are actually mapping anomalies. Bored Panda has compiled a list of strange historical events that scientists still can’t explain and some of them are truly spooky. This anomaly is a 197 ft. So loud that it was picked up by two separate microphones 3,000 f*****g miles apart. The world’s oceans are some of the most interesting and breathtaking places on the entire planet. The infamous region of the Atlantic Ocean, which earned its reputation due to claims of planes and ships disappearing between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida without a trace, turned out to be not as scary as it seemed. . What does “paranormal” mean? Quite literally, anything that deviates from normal reality. MessageToEagle. In 1975, Ader was lost at sea after attempting a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. At the end tip of the wings there appeared to be talon-like fingers about 3 to 4 in number. 5 Mysterious & Unexplained Events From Greenland That Can’t Be Explained. Good question! Your instinct was right. The Ocean Explorer team first made their find back in August and had no plans to return to the scene. Since then, it has been subsiding, though it remains audible, reports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Complete guide of Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomena. All of the sound files in . Among all these so-called monsters, the serpent at the sea, intriguing and fearsome, forms a part of many marine cultures across the world. flat earth, underwater wall, unexplained A mysterious video of giant underwater wall posted on YouTube claims that there is a gigantic wall located beneath the Earth’s oceans, which spans the entire planet. They remain No further Bloops have been heard since 1997, although other loud and unexplained sounds have been recorded in other places under different circumstances. C. Man-made or natural formation, which has been the debate for years in the field of archaeology. It is difficult to know not only how the seal survived for so long outside of its natural habitat, but also how it managed to safely travel so far from the ocean, considering seals are meant to swim, not walk on land. Although still unexplained, researchers believe that it was most likely a moving iceberg that was slowly dragging its keel across the sea floor. The sound, dubbed "The Bloop," doesn't sound like anything at normal speed. 10 Unexplained Creatures Caught On Tape. Only a small fraction of the seafloor has ever been mapped at high resolution. Yet there are some paranormal stories that are actual accounts of spooky things happening, 13 Spooky & Unexplained Disappearances. When we suffer from a skin rash with intense itch, often, allergy is one of the most common causes of rashes. On numerous occasions, people have encountered human-like  Oct 8, 2018 The infamous region of the Atlantic Ocean, which earned its reputation due to claims of planes and ships disappearing between Bermuda,  May 24, 2018 Whether its cold cases like the "Somerton Man" or vanishings like that of the Sodder Children, these unexplained mysteries continue to baffle  Dec 11, 2018 An island first charted by Captain Cook is an unexplained and ghostly Cook's Chart of Discoveries made in the South Pacific Ocean in 1776. There is an unusual area in Double Trouble State Park, on the border of Berkeley and Lacey Townships in Ocean County, where all of the trees had apparently been pushed down in a strange circular pattern by some unknown force. Most intriguing are cases of mass disappearances of people organized in armies of soldiers who disappeared without trace, or very large groups of people who enter a place and suddenly vanish. It sounds like a train traversing across a sea bed while tooting its horn. including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean waves as pilots question what they are watching. In this eerie list, we will look at exceptional cryptids, You know the Magic Money Tree that Theresa May said doesn't exist, well Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have found it! If there's anything you want our new PM to buy, leave the details, and I'm sure the Tory Santa will smile upon you. Buy a cheap copy of Unexplained Mysteries of World War II book by William B. in comparison to the bardge it is submereged below. Aliens, Miracles, Ghosts and Conspiracies. Bloop. Lyle April 17th 2015 Other Historically, it's hard to determine if things happened the way photos or even stories recounted them. You are about to see some amazing mysterious structures that have been found on the bottom of the ocean floor all over the world. History is full of unexplained mysteries and we want your help in documenting it. Unexplained infertility clomid twins mens health! Our Services. He contends that some escaped with to create colonies in other parts of the world such as South America and Antarctica, and continued their monstrous research. F. note the size of this UFO. Although the newly formed U. Posted on July 5, 2019 July 5, 2019 Author Nathanial Rice Earth also has a rich history of unexplained explosions. A Strange Sound Has Permeated the Pacific Ocean Since 1991 … Source Unknown (Listen Here) The sound persisted, with a peak in strength in 1994. These mollusks live in warm and cold water, on a variety of ocean surfaces. In this example of a blue whale call, the spectrogram (upper image) plots time (horizontal axis) versus frequency (vertical axis), with warm colors representing high acoustic intensity. Here top 6 most amazing deep ocean creatures. Imagine that, but in the middle of the effing ocean. These mysterious luminous phenomena are reported both by day and by night (although perhaps a majority seem to occur nocturnally), and many are observed passing through the air; in modern times, such unexplained aerial phenomena are often linked to UFO sightings, and occasionally appear to display Top 10 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries. Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel. Prepare to discover a new set of bizarre, still unexplained aberrations, that may never be satisfactorily explained. A video was included of one of the UFO incidents where the pilots could be heard exclaiming: “Wow, what is that, man Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages. The source level is high enough to be recorded throughout the Pacific. UFO researcher, George Filer, contributes to thousands of folks in the UFO research community each week with his email update of "Filers Files", a weekly update of some of the most significant recent sightings of—and personal encounters with—unidentified aerial craft and their crews. , Current Events, 17 replies In the sea between Greenland and Iceland, where some frigid water mixes with less frigid water, lies what is technically Earth's largest known waterfall: 175 million cubic feet of water per second (2,000x Niagra Falls) dropping 11,500 feet (3x the height of Venezuela's Angel Falls, above). There is never a shortage of scary campfire stories. Unexplained Phenomena Ancient Origins brings a section to explore some of the unexplained phenomena, not only current events and reports, but also those unexplained mysteries of the world. What he captures is unexplainable. 10 Of The Strangest Unexplained Sea Mysteries. Just off the northeastern coast of the United States is a huge freshwater aquifer underneath the Atlantic Ocean. Unexplained ‘Warm Blob’ In Pacific Ocean Causing Crazy Weather April 14, 2015 Sean Adl-Tabatabai Sci/Environment 4 Scientists have been left baffled about the existence of a patch of warm water in the Pacific ocean, which has caused freak weather across the United States. UFOs EXPLAINED. The sensational two-minute clip captured by a camera aboard a US Navy F/A-18 jet flying at 25,000 feet wowed military personnel. The exact size of the aquifer is still unknown, but what is known is that it stretches from Massachusetts to the southern part of New Jersey and includes the coastlines of New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Mysteries like Ghosts, Spirits, Vampires, ESP, Secret organizations, Conspiracy Theories. Jun 24, 2019 There is a large amount of freshwater under the sea. By David Brennan On 6/5/19 at 4:26 AM EDT Share. If You Read These 6 Unexplained Paranormal Stories, You Won't Sleep Tonight. 15 of the Most Unexplained Scary Photos of All Time T. Some things are best left unexplained. Motion in the ocean Since mid-July, GPS stations on the island have tracked it sliding more than 2. -- The sound rolls in off the ocean like an invisible tidal wave, washing over houses with enough force to rattle windows and startling people who look uneasily to the ground and to the sky for an explanation. For it is the point of the Ocean located furthest from any sign of land. Spectrograms are a means of visualizing the energy and pitch of a particular sound. They are shapeless, glutinous blobs of unknown composition, that usually evaporate soon after touching the ground. The Most Eerie Unexplained Photos To Ever Exist. Area 51. Pleurobranchs ( see photos) and nudibranchs are soft sea slugs that come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The region is best avoided for those most afraid of the murky waters of the deep. After doing some research, Eyewitness News 4 has concluded that the creature probably lived in the ocean at one time and probably isn't either a chupacabra or  . The reference to the sea serpent can be found in various mythologies, including Greek, Mesopotamian and Hebrew, among others. Listen to the Bloop sound. the place where the ocean floor suddenly plunges downward is called the? 2 Metallic Starfish-Shaped Underwater Object Still Remains An Unexplained Mystery. Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects. Snyder, Mysterious Structures, Ocean Floor, Prosperous 118 Comments MH370 News 2018. The world is full of unexplained events, strange mysteries, and mysterious legends. Original account 8/21/13. Baychimo, unexplained whale deaths In this video you will see five truly awesome underwater creatures that prove the ocean has far more to offer than what we think. the perpetrator moved across the ocean and actually became Jack the Ripper. Celine & Fabien Cousteau use cutting-edge tech to investigate a strange part of the ocean that's home to unexplained sightings of a terrifying sea monster. In late 2014, a Super Hornet pilot had a near collision with one of the objects, and an official mishap report was filed. One example is "the Bloop," a mysterious noise that researchers recorded in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in 1997. Unexplained monsters. Røy and colleagues from Denmark and Germany surveyed red clays buried deep in the Pacific Ocean, along the equator and into the North Pacific Gyre current system. These various approaches on the topic of death have simply created an unsoundable and vast ocean of perceptions and incredulity. Sep 25, 2015 Did you know that experts estimate that around 50-80% of all life on Earth is found under the surface of Earth's oceans? To date, we have  May 9, 2015 Even now, centuries after man created maps showing monsters at the edge of the world, much of the planet's oceans continue to remain  Feb 10, 2017 The Pacific Ocean is broiled by the sun, whatever the season. Earth’s largest waterfall is actually underwater in the Denmark Strait, where colder water tumbles over a huge drop in the ocean floor, falling 11,500 feet (the largest land waterfall is only 3,212 feet). The Bloop is an unexplained sound that originated in the deep ocean. It seems to peak in the spring and fall. 2 inches to the south, according data from Institut National de L This mysterious sound from the deep ocean was recorded in Antarctica’s Ross Sea on March 4 1997 by the eastern equatorial Pacific autonomous hydrophone array. The plane’s disappearance captivated These mysterious luminous phenomena are reported both by day and by night (although perhaps a majority seem to occur nocturnally), and many are observed passing through the air; in modern times, such unexplained aerial phenomena are often linked to UFO sightings, and occasionally appear to display features that may indicate the objects are intelligently controlled. This is one of the most famous unexplained images of all time. No explanation ever emerged. So he grabs his camera and has a look. But can these microbes survive if they eat nothing for, let’s say, 86 million years? In 2012, microbes dating back 86 million years were found in deep sea water in the Pacific Ocean. Get our newsletter every Friday! Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. S. Dailymotion. com - Many disappearances have been recorded throughout the history. Where the unknown and paranormal meets some of the most radical ideas in science today. It is said to be a creature known as the rake. 3. Submissions/Business // @Scarpabiz. The plane’s disappearance captivated A variety of different kinds of unexplained illuminations have been reported over the centuries. Just below it you can see a man and his dog looking up at the saucer. Police Scotland confirmed an 83-year-old woman was found dead within a property on Macduff at around 9. Many stories over the years detailed events with giant squid including mentions by Aristotle, but only myths and legends dared to mention something even bigger, the colossal. There's an object that appears to be some sort of UFO hovering above the cliffs. (Source). The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. 1. Some of the incidents were captured on video, including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean waves as pilots question what they are watching. Coast Guard personnel were directed to monitor the whales and prevent anyone from touching them prior to the arrival of the NOAA staff within 15 minutes. Unexplained Military Tribunals To Begin In January Video footage of pairs of camels and elephants swimming in the middle of the ocean have sparked fears that an Unexplained Phenomena Unexplained Mysteries Ancient Mysteries Alien Theories Conspiracy Theories Aliens And Ufos Ancient Aliens Unidentified Flying Object Paranormal Here is another ocean encounter with a submerged UFO. 2 inches to the south, according data from Institut National de L Motion in the ocean Since mid-July, GPS stations on the island have tracked it sliding more than 2. And then they both jump on me calling me names. Some of these most famous ocean  Head for the hills and away from the coastlines, because these mysteries will convince you the ocean is out to get us all. Witness some lesser known strange but fascinating occurrences that take place in oceans. Some produce strong toxic chemicals as a defense. Or at least, any land that belongs to the world we know. ☀ Deals Price Wall Mirrors ☀ Gatewood Ocean Wave And Mackeral Fish Head Accent Mirror by Rosecliff Heights Explore Furniture By Room - Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Kids' Room & Study Room Furniture. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT GO INSIDE THE PROPERTIES. by Staff · Published March 12, 2014 · Updated August 16, 2017 The organisms that found within critical surroundings always have bizarre outlook. Watch the video on YouTube: 10 Mysterious Underwater Anomalies From surviving ancient manuscripts it is clear that there has always been a belief that new lands could rise up from the ocean, while old ones could sink into the sea, destroying former civilizations in the process. Mysterious double 'whirlpools' are popping up in the ocean These rare masses of water may capture small critters while on the move. It rests on a tall pillar and has a structure similar to a staircase, leading to a dark hole. A show about the space between what we think of as real and what is not. “There was all kinds of phenomena reported and witnessed by the family, neighbors, police, journalists and investigators in 1977 and 1978. Nov 23, 2016 Forbidden Sexual Development Suspected in Unexplained Oyster Die-off Among them is Joey Matt, Virginia Sea Grant graduate research  Oct 14, 2015 This strange and unexplained phenomenon shocked the pilots of a Boeing 747-8 who were heading from Hong Kong to Alaska, as well as  Mar 1, 2016 Marine biologists have discovered that fish from the mesopelagic zone are behind a mysterious ocean buzzing, and they're either  Oct 2, 2018 There are concerns that the whales being washed up are just the "tip of the iceberg" and hundreds could have died at sea. (85 meters). However, as scary as they can be, we can all take solace in that they there are just stories. The deep ocean is one of least explored places on Earth, also the home of unusual life forms. 10 Discoveries That Are Unexplained By Science. Jun 20, 2016 As we continue to improve our technology, more of the ocean's beauty will be laid before us, but the oceans will likely still contain countless  Nov 9, 2014 Was that mysterious "bloop" in the ocean made by a whale? sonic booms and puzzling hums, our planet rings with unexplained sounds. For more than seven decades American roads were dotted with the familiar orange roof and blue cupola of the ubiquitous Howard Johnson’s restaurants and Motor Fuel your curious mind. Undersea geology. Some speculate A-Z of Unexplained mysteries like Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO and Aliens, Paranormal. Due to  Aug 26, 2018 Imagine that, but in the middle of the effing ocean. Unfortunately, none of these philosophies have contributed to our general knowledge on this very mysterious life event. The 9 Most Bone-Chilling Mysterious Phenomena That Still Remain Unexplained. The mystery of the spiral-shaped stone labyrinths located at the Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, in northern Russia, still remains unexplained. February 27, 2018 March 11, 2018 vinitjain 0 Comments giant wall, mysteries. Although the oft-heard statistic is that we Listen to the Bloop sound. Kepler 78b – A planet similar to Earth in size and density is so close to its star that it orbits the star every 8. About Clomid unexplained infertility bfp Workers fixed the hole, replaced carpet, repainted the entire unit and redid one and a half walls of drywall, according to apartment records. The Times reporters said that due to the 2014 and 2015 sightings, that the Navy upgraded its classified guidance for how pilots are to report UFOs, which now are officially referred to as Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP). By Kate Baggaley posted Dec 26th, 2017 at 11:00am The Double Trouble Mystery Spot. FORT FISHER, N. For ages colossal squid were believed to exist but never proven aside from encounters near the ocean's surface and partially decayed biological matter found washed up on the world's beaches. com – Some weeks ago, a metallic starfish-shaped underwater object was discovered off the coast of East Beach in Westerley, Rhode Island. The answer is yes, according to Gary McKinnon, the infamous hacker who obtained unauthorized access to NASA’s computer database back in 2002. Unexplained bruises that occur easily or for no apparent reason may indicate a bleeding disorder, especially if the bruising is accompanied by frequent nosebleeds or bleeding gums. Stream over 40 original series and 8,000+ films & interviews, only on Gaia In recent years, modern technology has allowed humanity to investigate the ocean floor like never before. Despite the area being known for the unexplained disappearances of ships and planes, there really  Feb 15, 2019 A variety of ocean phenomena- both explained and unexplained have intrigued people around the world. The discovery  Oceans are always in a state of activity. It doesn't help our anxiety level either that people have long associated mysterious sounds with paranormal phenomena, such as poltergeists. They were alive, but UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES. unexplained ocean

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